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About Jeremiah

Jeremiah moved his southern wife to some snowy mountains of Colorado from Kansas City in 2015. He met Mia in 2012 and swept her off her feet when he wrote BearFace’s “The Exile” about her. When he knew she could make it through 3 AM recording projects, and she knew he could make it through a heated Alabama football season, he popped the question.


After a few moves that included an ER trip after catching a Ninja blender blade, they got a dog, Wally, who loves to kick it, in 2014. They spend a lot of time on the road, learning the difference between flashing yellow and flashing red lights (blame Jeremiah’s color blindness), seeing family, and reading books out loud (blame Jeremiah’s dyslexia).


Jeremiah gets anxious about any exciting things Mia wants to do-- hot air balloon rides, zip-lining, roller coasters, ladders. They’re a mix of California, Ohio, Missouri, Alabama, and Colorado-- just trying to figure out where home is.


Jeremiah believes anything that isn’t KC BBQ is doing it wrong, any football team other than Alabama isn’t worth watching, and still thinks about what it’d be like to throw his wife on an airplane and move to Ireland.  He and Mia currently live in Birmingham, Alabama (Mia's hometown) with their new adopted puppies Dixie and Coffee, who've been a blessing ever since Wally's passing in December of 2016.  

- Mia Toole

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