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When people ask me how long I’ve been playing music, I often tell them jokingly that I was bred for music.  My folks were singers and met by joining a band in college.  As soon as my brother and I could read and until we were in college, we were in music lessons.  With a life so revolved around music, it was inevitable that I ended up in a recording studio.  From my first time playing and producing a record with The Patient in Nashville, I was hooked.  


After that, I had the opportunity to put together and work in a handful of home-studios as well as work as a producer/engineer at a professional studio in Kansas City where I worked with several bands and solo artists.  Recording and creating music is what I love.  Whatever project you may be preparing for, I’d love to be a part of it with you.

I currently work out of a home studio capable of demo work, album production, and backtrack creation.  


To hear some songs I've produced and/or performed in similar home studios, click the link below.

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