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Growing up with a dad who was a pastor, and with such a musical family, there was no escaping church music.  My dad started a church when I was eleven and my family became the band.  I picked up the guitar at the age of fifteen and started leading worship in the youth group and on Sunday morning.  Those early years in my dad’s church gave me a passion for worship and the local church that continues today.  


After attending college for a few years near Chicago, I returned home to Kansas City and found a home at the Vineyard Church north of Kansas City where I volunteered and eventually served as a worship pastor for about five years.  There’s not much I care about more than participating in worship with local churches, so if there’s an opportunity for us to worship together at your church for a weekend service or worship night, I’d love to join you.


For videos from a night of worship at Vineyard, click the "Watch" link below.

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